Shayla {Senior}

Shayla was my first Senior of the year and OH was I excited!!! Seniors are probably my favorite subjects to photograph. I had so much fun with her! She is absolutely beautiful inside and out! Enjoy! :)

Dani & Anthony {Weddings}

AHHH! Look at how happy these two are! I love them! Just a peek at a few photos from their wedding day! Check out their Pre-Wedding photos in the previous post...Enjoy :)

Dani & Anthony {Formals}

YAY! Dani and Anthony's formals are finally up on the blog! I love these two SO SO much. They are absolutely perfect for eachother. Watching them together makes me so happy :) They definitely know how to make eachother laugh so hard and are so easy going. Enjoy your pics! Their wedding day will be up on the blog VERY soon!!!
What a handsome little guy Landon Cruz is! He is such a sweetheart!