Us! ( Family )

So is it weird that I put my own family pics up on my blog?! My sweet sister Lyndi took these pictures of us and I just set the settings on my camera. She did a great job! I will have to admit that I am a fan of "taking" pictures and NOT a fan of getting pictures! It is very stressful, but worth it. Everyone needs a nice family picture in their home :)

Hampton's ( Family )

This family was like my 2nd family growing up and I have MANY memories from being in their home, so I especially had an enjoyable time! It was SO good to see them. They are such a great family :)

The Hampton Family

The Hampton Children

The Kaiaakamanu Family

The Missionary!!! Such a handsome guy ;)

Orme Kids ( Children )

Such fun, cute, photogenic little kids!!! They made my job easy!

Mia ( Babies )

Can she get any cuter?! Really? This little girl is SOOO precious! She was SO happy the whole time and by the end of the photo shoot, she zonked out on the floor! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her! I was telling her mom that I could sit and take pictures of her all day :)

Campbell's ( Family )