Jackson ( Children )

These are two of the cutest little guys ever! I can say that because I am their Aunt! We just got some quick head shots and I think they turned out great! Enjoy ;)

The Kunz's ( Families )

Wow, what a CUTE little family we have here!! And this little girl of theirs...Precious!!!! I love my job!

The Taylor's ( Families )

I will have to admit that I was a little timid taking photos for a photographer! I have followed Annalee's Photography and Furniture Blog for some time now and she really does great work. She is VERY VERY creative and she has a BEAUTIFUL family!!! Thanks for letting me take your pictures!

The Mortensen's ( Families )

Just adding some pics from and earlier sneak peek of the Mortensen Family! The day we took pictures some new "NO TRESPASSING" signs were posted and we were unable to get to some of the places we wanted to, BUT we managed to get some great shots anyways! Thanks for having me take your pictures! Enjoy ;)

Ashlie ( Bridals )

Hey all! Here are just a handful of pictures from Ashlie's bridal session. I am still in the the process of editing. Ashlie is such a sweet, sweet girl and it has been awesome working with her! Oh, and I LOVE LOVE her hair. I only wish I could get my hair to look like that. Anyways... Enjoy ;)