Maddy+Jacob ( Engagements )

Maddy and Jacob were such troopers. We had windy and rainy weather, but we still went through with taking pictures..LUCKILY! We got some great shots of an absolutely gorgeous couple! Thanks for being so patient. ENJOY your pictures! ;)

Emily+Bronson ( Weddings )

Emily & Bronson's wedding was amazing! From the decorating, to the food, to the location, to the was just so fabulous! Beautiful day and a Beautiful wedding! ENJOY!

Wedding Decorating by Sally McKinley @ The Wedding Company. She is AMAZING!

Briggs ( Newborn )

Briggs was so smiley! HE MAKES ME SMILE :) :) Such a sweet little guy!

Chelsey+Ryan ( Engagements )

I feel like I have known Chelsey and Ryan forever! They are super easy to get along with and SO much fun! Everytime I am around them I laugh really hard! It is contagious! They are such a great couple! Enjoy ;)

Emily ( Bridals )

Just a few pics from Emily's Bridal session! Trying to catch up on posts since my blog has been down! Enjoy!