Hathaway ( Children )

Another group of ADORABLE little kids!!! I am sure they all make Grandma proud :) Enjoy!

McKenna ( Children )

How did I get so lucky? I get to photograph the cutest little kids! McKenna is such a beautiful girl...just like her mom! She is such a happy and content little girl. I just LOVE her! Enjoy your photos!


The Crapo Family ( Large Group )

We had some freezing cold weather on the day we took these pictures! They all did awesome!

The Bagley's ( Families )

Such an awesome little family! I love meeting new people and taking their pictures! That little girl is such a sweetheart and she didn't hardly make a peep the whole shoot! Amazing considering the cold weather. I hope you enjoy your pics! Happy Holidays!

The Benson's ( Families )

Another QUICK photo shoot! That is how all my shoots have been lately with this crazy weather ;) Luckily we always get enough good pictures! This is my brother's family. They are pretty much awesome. SO glad I was able to take their pics! Happy Holidays! Enjoy ;)

The Siddoway's ( Families )

Went out last week and did a quick and fun winter family shoot! So glad we decided to go ahead and take them in spite of the snowy weather. The kids did awesome! Oh...and the parents were pretty good too I guess...haha. Just kidding. Did you know that Alisha is a photographer also? She does an awesome job! Find her here. If anyone needs their pictures done, they are moving to the Salt Lake area! Anyways, we had fun and I hope they enjoyed their pics ;)

Benson ( Children )

My brother's dear friend and wife brought Benson to get pictures done and I can't say enough about how sweet this little guy is! It was such a joy to take his pictures and I sure do LOVE his name ;) I hope you enjoy!